Our Story

Green Clean was founded and based on the ability to perceive the relationship between oneself and one's environment. Every action we take impacts the world. Green Cleaning is all about reducing risk and making a choice. Even the smallest step makes a big difference.

Non-Toxic Substances

One can only go so far before you feel the effects from negative or toxic substances that can cause harm to plants, animals, humans and ecosystems. Years of exposure to thousands of chemicals has led to changes in the human body that show up as increased cancer rates, childhood development issues, asthma and upper respiratory ailments and more. The effect on our planet has been felt through the depletion of natural resources, pollution of our air, water and soil, increases in CO2 emissions, the threat global warming, disposal problems of waste and trash and irreversible changes to our environment.

Eco-Friendly Products & Techniques

Green Clean only uses the best in eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques. We provide superior cleaning and service at competitive prices, while using products that have the least possible negative impact on the local environment. The staff is educated on Green Cleaning philosophy and environmental practices. They also go through a rigorous training program focusing on detailed cleaning methods and guidelines. Each team member is chosen for their passion to make a difference and is detailed orientated people who love to clean.

Why Choose Green Clean?

For a cleaning that meets your highest standards, you need the leaders in clean.

Regain your Time

Our service allows you to regain one of life's most precious gifts.

Flexible Scheduling

Schedule at your convenience online or via phone including weekly, biweekly, and monthly, as well as one-time, seasonal, and special event cleaning services.

Fair Wage Employer

We practice fair employment policies and ensure our team members have what they need to sustain his/herself and their families.

Benefits of Our Services


We combine up-front training with strong management to ensure a smooth consistent service delivery.


Our staff is carefully screened and trained using the highest industry standards.

Purer Environment

100% natural plant based ingredients, scented with pure essential oils, and dye-free products safe for your family and the environment.

Equipment and Supplies

Each team arrives fully equipped with top-of-the-line supplies and equipment.

Greener Methods

Teams travel in hybrid vehicles. Routes are optimized to minimize travel. Only use washable, reusable cloths.

Added Convenience

No contracts or long-term commitments. Also, don't worry about cash or checks - pay with credit card after service is completed.

Your Satisfaction Guarantee

You’re going to love the GC Team and we’re confident about that.

Our goal is to provide you with the best in conscious cleaning, building a lasting relationship you can rely on and trust.

Our success comes in large part from our strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We strive to go above and beyond and also know when to say "oops - let us make it right".

General Question-Answer

Plant-Powered Clean

You don't need any chemicals to clean. Allow us to take better care of your space and your family.